Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Decks from Tennessee

Rod Brooker shared these photos of recent work he did in Chattanooga Tennessee. These decks are all of his own design.

This deck is of virgin vinyl PVC "Composite Decking", which is really the only type of composite materials our builders use. He built in tables with stone tops, planter boxes and lighting.

I really like the benches. Many of you in the northern states might not know that the skirting around the deck can run right to the ground when you don't have frost to worry about...

Here's a second level deck by Rod with a red cedar pergola ( Arbor ) built right into the structure!

To see more of Rod's work in Chattanooga Tennessee please click here.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to build curved decks.

Here is a fine example of how to design and build a deck with curves provided by our design-builder in North Kawartha ( Near Peterborough Ontario).

 This deck was designed artfully, around the trees, with plenty of clearance and most importantly it compliments the house and simply looks like it grew there naturally. If I had designed this deck--it would likely look exactly as it does. I give this design a 10 out of 10. Very well done Garry! You won't see anything this well done on any TV deck building shows!
 This is no kerf-cut wannabe deck that will fall apart in 5 or 10 years. Garry did a layered lamination on the rim joist using marine epoxies, cut the rails out of solid stock and spent the time to get it right. Heavy ledgers connect this deck to the frame of the house so that even in the event of an earthquake this deck will remain the way it is today. When you hire an expert designer to design and build your curved deck--you get a structure like this that will last 30 years plus!
Garry also did the front deck, giant flagstone and landscaping on this year round residence near Peterborough Ontario. Kudos to you Garry-- Beautiful job!

To see more photos of this curved decks project click  http://www.gardenstructure.com/circular_decks_Ontario

You can reach Garry at 705-656-3757